I consider myself very fortunate indeed to have aquired access to a number of mature cider orchards in Dorset, when I first started making thin sharp cider from windfall Bramleys I despaired at ever finding a good source of proper tannic westcountry cider apples but once you have a press the apples will find you!


Varieties that go into my ciders include

Yarlington Mill, Harry Masters Jersey, Tremletts Bitter, Kingston Black, Dabinett,Stoke Red,Slack M’Girdle, Morgan Sweet, Burrow Hill Early, Ashton Brown Jersey, Major,Warrior, Somerset Redstreak, Porters Perfection,Brown Snout, Golden Bittersweet,Sweet Alford,¬†Bulmers Norman,Royal Somerset, Crimson King, Michelin, Chisel Jersey,Coates Jersey, Taylors.

Packed frame contains 50 kilos of pommace
Cheese is built to ten layers before the beam is brought down
Juice begins to flow

Bubbling barrell

The barrels impart a nice oaked flavour to the rich bittersweet juice, after 6 months the cider is ready but improves with keeping.

LulworthSkipper Cider is available while stocks last from a number of quality outlets in Dorset