The Health Benefits of Cider Vinegar

The Health Benefits Of Raw Cider Vinegar

CV3Don’t forget to take your daily tot of proper cider vinegar,it’s harmless and

may do you a lot of good.

But don’t take my word for it, see link below to endorsement  published in The Daily Mail

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First taste of Success 2013

First taste of Success 2013

The first event in the cidermakers year has to be The Powerstock Cider Festival, this is a charity event hosted by Nick Poole (West Milton Cider) in Powerstock Hut. cidermakers of all persuasions start to congregate on the night before at The Three Horsehoes Public House.

On the day a hearty lunch is prepared by the Ladies of the village washed down with copious quantities of cider drawn from our private reserves and served from all manner of rustic crocks and flagons!  lunch is cleared away to make room for the serious business of the day, each producer has staggered into the hall bearing 3 gallon jars of cider to enter into the competition, the anonymous glass jars are lined up for tasting/judging which takes some time, each entrant scores the cider 1st 2nd and 3rd for dry medium and sweet. at about 5:30pm the results are anounced and the certificates are awarded.

All the while the lanes all around the village have been gradually feeding the hall with upto 500 ciderlovers intent on a right old knees up! at 6.00pm the doors are flung open and in they all come.

At one end of the hall the band strikes up and all around the outside the cidermakers have set up shop to dispense their cider.

Local food vendors are serving up hot Cornish Pasties and stone baked pizzas from a vintage Citroen Van.

You really couldn’t find these people and all this unique cider all in one place anywhere on one night in April.

Incidentally we won:

  • 1st Prize for Dry Cider
  • 2nd Prize for Medium Cider
  • 2nd Prize for Sweet Cider

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2012 Production

Production 2012

The national apple harvest this year has been disastrous, an off year to top all off years.this has been put down to the very wet spring and early summer. No blossom and no bees, to put this into perspective we have a small orchard of 21 young trees planted in 2010, from these trees we harvested 25 apples!

By about Easter time we knew our project was under threat so I got on the phone to track down a possible new supplier, there were a few far flung cider orchards with late varieties to offer for sale. it was a bit of a worry but we have a good drop of cider coming along nicely!I know these machine harvested apples look grubby but they scrub up well, see below


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First Prize!

1st Prize

Had a great day out at Melplash Show, hosted annually by the Melplash Horticultural Society.

we were very pleased to have been awarded 1st Prize for our dry cider and 3rd Prize  for medium


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The Wurzels

Friday night was spent testing my cider out on The Wurzels before their gig in Bere Regis @ Rye Hill farm shop. A great turnout and the weather held out for us too!


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First ever glass of Lulworth Skipper Perry

My Helen’s Early Perry Pear tree planted in 2010 yielded enough fruit to make just 10 litres of perry.

It’s a nice sunny afternoon in the garden so a good day for the Helen’s Early Perry coming out party!

Dorset Cider

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Cider Blog

Welcome to my Cider Blog, I will be updating this regularly with information and updates on what we are doing at Lulworth Skipper – Check back soon for more posts.



2014 Results

We entered our Cider at Powerstock Cider Festival,Dorset Show,Melplash Show and The Royal Bath & West Show. see below our prize certificates including a prize for my homemade Elderflower Cordial and my Nocino!



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