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Cider has been an influence since my early years haymaking on a South Devon farm, there was always a gas mask bag full of cider bottles hanging on the tractor. I now live near a large old orchard where the  majority of the apples go to waste. It was only a matter of time before I was making modest quantities of cider to drink with friends and give away.

Dave’s Press St Raphael Mary Tavy

I met up with an old school friend in Devon to press some of my apples on his fabulous old press, it was his annual Apple Day, open to all comers and very poular with the villagers keen to make use of their surplus apples. huge quantities of juice were produced and carried away.

That was my inspiration, I had to set about obtaining my own press, Dave actually had a pair of screws in the corner of his yard which he was prepared to part company with.

My gallery charts the project from start to finish, I am now producing enough cider to supply a number of local outlets and cider festivals.